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  • anaciaj20Can I please have a cameron dallas imagine were we are haveing a lazy day and we do all that cute stuff?? Please I just really love your blog
  • gift-of-gilinsky

    Thank you so much for being patient with me. It’s really short, sorry! I hope this is good enough for you. Xx


    "Cameron stop!" I laughed.

    We were both lying on the floor facing the ceiling with some random music playing in the background. Cam got bored quite quickly and decided to do stupid impressions of all the boys.

    "Hey I’m Nash! I’ve got a worse accent than Dolly Parton but I still think I don’t got one!" He exclaimed in a horrible country accent.

    "I look like a freaking lemur with my beautiful, blue eyes that get all the girls! All I do is stare people down with these babies and pretend I know how to do stuff!" He blinked his eyes wildly.

    "Cam! Stop!" I guffawed. "He’s your best friend. Don’t talk about him like that." I tutted.

    He ignored me and stood up, no doubt preparing for another impression.

    "I’m jack. Not Johnson, the other one. Look at my eyebrows! Look at these things on my face right now, Y/N! They’re so sexy, aren’t they?" He said in a deep voice.

    "So sexy." I rolled my eyes.

    "Body roll. Body roll. Body roll. Body roll. Body roll. Bo-"

    "Stop!" I shouted. I couldn’t watch him do any more body rolls even if I tried.

    "Who else is there?" He mumbled. "Oh, I know! Guess who I am this time."

    "Okay," I sighed. "go on."

    "Like and revine my last post and I’ll follow you."

    "CARTAH DONT DO DAT!" I yelled.

    I started laughing again and pulled him back down next to me on the floor.

    "I love you." He whispered, staring into my eyes.

    "I know." I replied and turned the other way so I wasn’t facing him.

    "What?" He gasped dramatically. "You’re not gonna return the love?"

    "Oh, honey. I return the love enough."

    "That’s it." He sneered.

    "Woah, Cameron. Wait up!" I called as he raced towards the front door.

    "Cam! What’s wrong?" I asked when I blocked the exit from him. "I was just joking, you know I love you."

    He continued ignoring me and I noticed his jaw tick.

    "Cameron Alexander Dallas. Don’t act like this. I love you, too."

    "I know!" He grinned, picking me up and spinning me around.

    "What the hell?" I giggled, but I was still confused nonetheless.

    "I was kidding, Y/N. My acting teacher told me I need to start practising out of sessions." He chuckled.

    "Well you can practise with someone else and not me because I nearly fainted." I warned him.

    "I know, I’m sorry. I wanted to see your reaction though." He smirked. "Don’t act like this. I love you, too." He mimicked in a really high-pitched voice.

    I smacked him on the chest playfully, “Shut up. You’ve already done your fair share of impressions for the day, Mr.Dallas.”

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Things get serious today on SDK. A sum up of this video: Basically you are never alone. There will always be people who care just gotta find them. Also do what makes you Happy. If it is singing, dancing, watching youtube videos, it does not matter just do it. If you ever need someone to talk to PLEASE send me a message even though I only have a few followers I care so again PLEASE send me a message I love to hear what you guys have to say and want to hear YOUR story. My ask box is always open. Thank you for reading this. Have a great day. And hey I love you <3

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ZAYN MALIK HALLOWEEN SURPRISE | Nick and Adam Buongiovanni

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SDK video                                      12/19/13

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Having A Christmas Baby | JoshSobo ft. MANNNtv

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"this is for Cameron Dallas right here"

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